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Fashion is an art- a way of representing a person's lifestyle and behavior. In this modern world, the technique is necessary to enhance a man's personality or women. The way fashion largely depends on the clothes. Every girl loved to wear fashionable prom dresses at her wedding. At some point, changing the type of clothes you wear can change the whole lifestyle and also increase your confidence. In this blog, we are trying to represent the history and origin of sexy prom dresses & the evolution of evening dress style

Origin of Dress


Dresses are usually a garment product made out of different fabrics and worn by women or girls. The dress types are different in terms of culture and style. The first introduction of the dress was in Europe in the 11th Century, which was very similar to the men's tunics. 

After that, in the 1550s (16th Century), the dress was used by middle-class women in Europe. Queen Elizabeth was dictated which types of dress women will allow wearing.

Thomas Hancock made the massive dress evolution. In the 19th Century, Hancock was invented elastic fabrics in 1820. But the actual revolution in women's clothes happened in the 20th Century. At that time, girls wear stylish dresses all over the country. In the 21st Century, women are more independent, and they can choose their style. There are lots of brands nowadays. Women now follow the trend and take the dressing style to the top level. Girls can buy lots of sexy formal dresses through the internet nowadays. Things are getting more comfortable.

Characteristics of Traditional Evening Dress & Modern Evening Dress


The characteristics of evening dresses and traditional dresses are different. The fundamental difference is in design and dress quality. Evening dresses are quite different than the other brands of women's clothing. Here are some characteristics of both varieties:


Traditional Evening Dress

Evening dresses are the type of clothes worn by women in the evening on various occasions. In terms of style, it's a bit different. It has a historical overview. The traditional evening dresses are the old version of the design. In the mid-1820s, the evening dress is getting popular. Then it is considered to be one of the most romantic genre dresses. It contains old heritage, art, and literature. The traditional evening dresses were more thick and heavy. Evening dress has some unique fabrics like opulent, supple-gauze, and satin-fabrics. Some popular conventional evening dress is-


§  The beautiful X-shaped silhouette (Introduced in early 1820) 

§  The cage crinoline (1850)

§  hourglass silhouette (1890)

Modern Days Evening Dresses

The modern days evening dresses are unique in terms of design. It has elegant vibes than the old version. In this modern era, evening dresses have become more lightweight and short in size. The new brands promote their elegant designs through the internet. Women are more demanding than ever before. Now strapless, backless, high slit, sleeveless designs are available at reasonable rates. So why waste your time on traditional products? Choose the dynamic, designed, updated evening dresses, and enjoy the trend.


Use of Fashionable Dresses By The Women Stars In Movies


She's All That(1999)

It is one of the most iconic films based on a teen romance story. This film was released in 1999 in America. The whole plot was an excellent teen romantic story and made Laney a prom queen. 

Laney wears a fabulous black prom dress on the night of the prom. The black prom is not that gorgeous as the red prom, but the total makeover was genuinely excellent and sexy. That dress gets an honorable mention on that night as it gets the prom queen award that night.



Footloose is a musical drama film of the mid-80s. Here the climax of the film is very memorable for the use of an iconic prom dress. It was a lowly pink prom dress that contains excellent fabric and flutter sleeves.

The cold shoulder prom dresses are popular after then. Many garments made the replica, and people still buy it. In 2011, a remake of Footloose film was made; and Julianne Hough also wore the same type of pink prom.

A Cinderella Story (2004) 

Mark Rosman directed a Cinderella Story. It was based on teen romantic comedy. This film's plot was two internet friends who want to meet at a high school's Halloween dance. But both wear a mask, and the dress wear by Austin Ames was awesome. It was a white prom dress to pay tribute to the Disney fairytale

Gossip Girl(2007-2012) 
Gossip Girl was a television series based on the American teen drama. This particular television series contains many unique dresses. Here the lead character Serena has many iconic prom dresses over the six seasons. Her sparkly nude prom dress was one of the most beautiful prom dress used in a TV series.

Little Women 

Greta Gerwig produced this masterpiece movie to see some extraordinary dresses, evening dresses, and gowns. In this movie, Emma Watson, the renowned celebrity star, wore the pink shoulder ball gown. On the other hand, Amy's blue carriage dress was also noticeable.Jacqueline chose bright and gorgeous pink with Antique Lace material, which was very common in dance parties of that era. She used the layered technique to create a gorgeous feeling.

When the lead character Meg sojourned with mates for a week, she played a debutant part. Jacqueline Durrant suggested many beautiful colors for Emma Watson. But this soft pink Ball Gown suited her a lot. 

On the other hand, Megh faced some problem from her family and need to marry up. She fall in love with a poor but kind tutor. At their wedding, MEG wore a white dress with a little lace, just like her love, simple and sincere.She looks awesome with her white wedding gown. This movie is all about a Medieval romanticism and a dress heaven for a dress lover women

To Catch a Thief 

Frances stevens is a rich girl looking for some excitement. At the end of the movie Frances go to a ball ceremony. She wore a golden ball gown, which was showing absolute glamour. That gold satin color gown is still the best choice for style lover women

The Phantom of the Opera 

Phantom is one of the most thrilling movies I have ever seen. The costume of this movie is designed by Alexandra Byrne. The most attractive thing about this movie is Christine Daae’s ball gown. The color of the gown is very beautiful. It has light pink with a whiter sheer tone on the gown. It looks quite dramatic when she walks with that gown.


Audrey Hepburn acted in the role of Sabrina in this movie. Sabrina is a 1950's glamor and provides a lot of classical value to the Hollywood film industry. In this movie, Sabrina's role is as a sophisticated woman. She outshines the other ladies at the Ball ceremony with a white and elegant Ballgown

Things to Consider Before Buying A Stylish Prom Dress | 

Recent Trends | Types of Prom Dresses The recent trend shows that prom dresses are so popular with young aged women. They love to buy them online. There are lots of brands and websites that offer quality sexy prom dresses and lace prom dresses. So there are some vital things to do before buying a prom dress like: 

• Make sure it gives you enough comfort 
• Affordable Price 
• Quality Fabrics 
• Renowned brands 
• Make sure the major waistline and neckline sit currently 

There are lots of varieties of Prom Dresses. Here are some prime examples of recent trends: 

1. Silhouette/Shape Guide 

Ball Gown 
• Fit & Flare 
• Mermaid 
• Sheath

2. Cut/Style Guide 

• Illusion 

• Off The Shoulder 

• Two-Piece 


• What color is the best for prom dresses? 

Your prom dress should be any color. But it would be best if you chose wisely. At first, compare the skin tone to your favorite color. Then buy the suitable one. 

• What color prom dress will be suitable for pale skin? 

If your skin is pale and confused about the color, then go for the brown and green. You can also try grey or navy blue. 

• Which dress should you wear on a Ball night? 

Ball night is all about glamour. The dresses of Ball need to be calm, glamorous, and elegant too. You can wear Red or blue Ball gown for a Ball night. 

• How do I pick the right wedding dress? 

Wedding is a special event in our life. Women are severe in terms of wedding dress. At first, you should follow your heart. Just wear which your partner also loved to see. I think a white or red color wedding gown will be the best choice. 

The dress is the symbol of your behavior and characteristics. Your personality reflects in your clothes. So it's essential to have some fashion knowledge. Without knowing the dress properly, you can't buy the proper sexy formal dresses. So study our blog a-z then take decision wisely and according to your choice. Just put on your favorite dress; you will know how beautiful you are.


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